City Clerk

The City Clerk’s mission is to provide quality and friendly services to her customers, the general public, City Commission, City Manager, City staff and other agencies in a timely, efficient and professional manner. The City Clerk is recognized as the hub of local government and provides contact between the citizens and government. The City Clerk is responsible for the maintenance of all official records in compliance with state regulations. The City Clerk acts as the official custodian of the seal of the city and attests to all contracts, agreements, leases, or other documents to which the city is a party. The City Clerk serves as secretariat for the City Commission and attends all City Commission meetings, as well as administrative staff meetings, and administers all municipal legislative processes. This includes scheduling, agenda development, and the conformation of all City Commission business. In addition, The City Clerk is responsible for coordinating municipal elections, as well as the preparation of Proclamations; Ordinances, and Resolutions. Maintaining the Code of Ordinances and managing the occupational license program.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
LaKesha Hawkins-McGruder City Clerk (MMC)