2022 Hawthorne Community Festival of Trees

2022 Hawthorne Community Festival of Trees
Event Date: 
Saturday, December 3, 2022 (All day) to Monday, January 2, 2023 (All day)

The Hawthorne Woman's Club Presents the 2022 Hawthorne Community Festival of Trees.
Benefiting the Hawthorne Area Resource Center.

Individuals, businesses, and church and civic groups are invited to participate. 

The Festival of Trees is a local event at which people put up and decorate a Christmas or holiday tree in honor or memory of someone special to them, or with their favorite theme, or just for fun.

Hawthorne Community Center

Dates for putting up trees may be arranges as needed. Trees remain on display through the holidays for the community to enjoy, particularly at the Hawthorne Christmas Festival. Specific dates(s) for removing trees will be announced and special arrangements may also be made. Participants are responsible for removing their trees within a responsible time of the scheduled date.

How Much and Why:
The cost is $25 per tree and participants provide their own ARTIFICIAL tree and decorations. All of this $25 fee goes to HARC (Hawthorne Area Resource Center). Trees may be tabletop or full size.

Post a comment on Facebook at "Hawthorne Women's Club" or call/text Susan at 352-316-0375.

Entrants supply their own tree and decorations. Only artificial trees may be used - NO REAL TREES.
Electric outlets are NOT available so only battery-powered lights can be illuminated. 

Some Ideas For Trees:
Stumped on how to decorate your HCC tree? Traditional Christmas trees are welcome and bring the holiday feel to a display, but if you want creative ideas for decorating a tree, below is a few suggestions. You can get really creative and don't have to use a tree. A quick search on the internet shows "trees" made from ladders, stacked beverage bottle (only unbreakable, please), books (damaged or obsolete), and even pictures of trees that are decorated with ornaments and garlands.

• Create a birthday tree for Baby Jesus
• Decorate a tree by color - Pink for breast cancer awareness; red, white, and blue for a patriotic tree; team colors to support your favorite support team; desert camo for the ARMY.
• Create a traditional tree that is elegant, cute, charming, sophisticated, trendy, and retro.
• Commemorate your graduation, special anniversary, or another event with memorabilia from the occasion.
• Recognize the solemnity of Christmas with a nativity tree or a tree commemorating important Biblical events.
• Highlight your business with ornaments reminding people of the tools of your trade. Toy cars for a repair shop or car lot, decorated medicine bottles for a medical office, coin wrappers and "play" money for a financial organization, food theme for a restaurant. 
• Create an old-fashioned tree with homemade paper chains, hand cut paper snowflakes, pipe-cleaner reindeer, and other handmade ornaments. 
• Do a recycling tree using ornaments made from recycled or recyclable materials (Sprite and Coke cans are a great start since they are green and red).
• Pick a theme for your tree based on a vacation location, book, tv show, musical artist, movie, or artist.
• Use ornaments relating to a theme - hunting, cooking, pets, music, gardening, dancing, etc.
• Challenge yourself to use on free ornaments by repurposing items from around the house or business. 
• Create a tree that just makes you happy.