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City Commission Workshop 03-12-2013
MARCH 12, 2013

A.  CALL TO ORDER- Mayor Surrency
1.  Invocation- Commissioner Randall
2.  Pledge of Allegiance- Commissioner Carlton

Mayor Surrency- Wanted to clear the air regarding the Fire Department coming back to the City of Hawthorne.  The newspaper made it seem like he stated he was the only City Commissioner that made it possible for them to come back to our City.  That is incorrect.  He knows it was a team effort and all the Commissioners played a great role in making that possible.  Also some of our great citizens were apart of making this possible.

1.  Mittauer & Associates, Envisioning for Hawthorne
City Manager Vause- We are here tonight to discuss the visions for the City of Hawthorne and would like to turn it over to Mittauer & Associates and Fox Enterprises.

Tim Norman, Mittauer & Associates explained what is visioning, the goals of visioning process and why is visioning a good idea.  He also gave examples of different infrastructure projects and the potential sources of funding for these projects.

The City Commission discussed different projects they would like to see completed in the City of Hawthorne.  Some of them include the following:  Repaving city streets in downtown Hawthorne, Water lines, Drainage, Community Center/Multipurpose Building, updating City Hall, improving Recreation Parks, Civic Center, meter replacements, landscaping, water and sewer expansion planning, Historical Preservation, possible future utilities, city parking lot, update homes not tied into sewer system, Public Housing from Alachua County, etc.

Mr. Harry Carter- ISO with Fire Department is at a 9.0.  We need to upgrade fire hydrants if possible with some of this money.

Ms. Vivian Wagner- SE 69th Avenue Street is very bad.  Lots of cracks in the street because more traffic use the road.

Ms. Julie Thaylor- LOCNP is a great asset to the Community and it could be used a New City Hall or Community Center.  The City of Hawthorne owns the property so use it to the city advantage.
Ms. Patricia Bouie- the City Commission is doing a good job.  She can see improvement in the City of Hawthorne.  The #1 priority should be street repaving because the streets are very bad in her neighborhood.

Mr. Fred Fox, Fox Enterprise explained the different programs/grants these projects may fall under.



The minutes are submitted for approval.

LaKesha Hawkins-McGruder, CMC                   Matthew Surrency, Mayor
City Clerk