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City Commission Workshop 03-22-2011
MARCH 22, 20111

A.  CALL TO ORDER-Commissioner Roberts called the workshop to order because Mayor Randall & Vice Mayor Surrency was running late.
1.  Invocation- Commissioner Roberts
2.  Pledge of Allegiance- Commissioner Carter

1.  Interim City Manager Vause
ICM Vause- Met with Mr. Tim Norman & Ms. Cheryl Archembaum of Mittauer & Associates to see if they would get us a grant to do a Senior Center.  Based on their findings the State of Florida’s budget for small grants is gone

Commissioner Carlton- In the newspaper the City of Alachua is using CRA money to build a Senior Center.  Do we have money in the CRA for this?

ICM Vause- We do have the funds in the CRA and the CRA Board is scheduled to meet in April, but I am not sure if that property is in the CRA District.

Parks & Recreation Director Wynkoop- Senior Building is not in the CRA District and that is currently not in the CRA plan.  The CRA legal boundaries does not include that property.

Commissioner Roberts- Read a copy of the original plan where an Enrichment Center was included in the plans.

1.  Michael Conroy General Building Contractor LLC Report
Mr. Michael Conroy and Mr. Michael Pellet- Was asked by Commissioner Roberts to come and look at the building.  They reviewed the Mittauer engineering report and explained their concerns about the roof.  The north portion of the roof has evidence of leakage which has caused mold in the building.  The vinyl siding on the building sucks water into the building and has caused rotting around the windows and doors.  The vinyl siding was not put on correctly in the beginning.  Recommends removing the siding, put up tar paper and put the vinyl siding back up properly.

Mr. Conroy & Mr. Pellet continued to give their report on the building while the City Commissioners and Staff asked questions based on the information received.

2.  Mittauer Structural Evaluations
ICM Vause- Mr. Tim Norman could not be present today because he is sick.  According to the Mittauer cost report it comes up to an estimated cost of $70K to bring the senior building up to code and that cost does not include removing the mold.

3.  Expected Improvements
Parks & Recreation Director Wynkoop gave a brief breakdown of the improvement cost for materials to be around $35K and with the labor that would bring the total to $70K.

4.  Building Inspector & Fire Marshall walk through
Parks & Recreation Director Wynkoop- Did a walk through with Mr. John Freeland, Alachua County Building Inspector and Mr. Brian Green from Alachua Co Fire Rescue to discuss the changes needed to be made to make the building available for public use.  He was informed these types of buildings require a lot of extensive routine maintenance.  As you heard previously the wood around the windows and doors are rotting and would have to be replaced.  Basically the renovation cost for modular buildings are very expensive.   It was suggested to burn the building down, or put out RFP (which they are against) to renovate for public use.

ICM Vause- Suggest the City Commissioners look at surplus property and see if they are worth selling and put that money into a savings account to pay the matching funds to meet the grant requirements when and if we receive a grant for a senior center.

The City Commissioners and Staff continued this discussion.

Mr. Leonard Jones- Has the City Commission ever considered using City Hall as the Senior Center?  They do it in other cities we have visited too.

ICM Vause- Have discussed those option with staff  because of all the things city hall now lacks that we need to maintain, we could build or add onto city hall and use the old part of city hall as the senior center.

City Attorney Harris- City Hall is also in the CRA District so CRA money can be used.

The Workshop was adjourned at 5:00PM

Moved to submit these minutes for approval.

LaKesha H. McGruder, CMC                                Eleanor Randall, Mayor
City Clerk