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City Commission Workshop 01-12-2011
JANUARY 12, 2011

1.  Invocation- Mayor Randall
2.  Pledge of Allegiance- Commissioner Carlton

1.  City Manager Selection process with the Florida League of Cities Range Randers- Mr. Paul Sharon

Mr. Sharon- Is glad to be a part of an important piece of business with the City of Hawthorne.  Is here to assist the City in any way he possibly can.

Mr. Sharon gave a brief summary on the 4 Interim City Manager candidates that he recommended.

Commissioner Roberts asked several questions regarding a strong Mayor type of government and a contract.

Mr. Sharon- Right now your Charter requires a City Manager and you must follow your Charter until the Charter changes the type of government you have.

Vice Mayor Surrency- We need a contract drawn to start getting the candidates we looking for.  Think Mr. James Gleason is qualified and thinks he’s probably what we need here.

Mr. Sharon asked the City Commission to agree on 6 attributes for candidates so he can do an advertisement ad so people will know ahead of time what the position requirements are.

Each Commissioner read their list of desired attributes for the City Manager job position and the major issues facing the community.

Commissioner Carlton- We need to hire an Interim City Manager on a 3-6 month interim position immediately.

Commissioner Carter- He agree with Commissioner Carlton need to move quickly on filling the Interim City Manager since the City Clerk has stated she is not interested in the position.  He would like the City Commissioner to speak with Mr. Jim Drumm for the Interim City Manager because of his experience with smaller cities.

The City Commission suggested the Mayor contact Alachua Today and the Gainesville Sun to put in a small article informing the public we are now accepting position for the Interim City Manager position.  The City Commission also asked the City Clerk to add the Interim City Manager Interviews to the January 18, 2011 agenda under the discussion item.

The City Commission scheduled a Special Meeting on January 20, 2011 to hold interviews for the Interim City Manager at 6:30PM.

Mr. Sharon- He is backing out of the Interim City Manager hiring process at this time but will work on a draft add for the City Manager position.

Ms. Vivian Wagner- 80% don’t have computer.  We need to find someone to do a city newspaper.  You need to get Ms. Linda Chapman because she saved the City of Hawthorne a lot of money.

Mr. Ray Daniel- He agrees you need to get a qualified Interim City Manager.  The budget was too big for the City of Hawthorne.  The budget needs to be cut down.

Mr. Larry Tilbury- You need to make sure the candidates references are checked because anyone can look good on paper.

Mr. Jeff McMeekin- People only give references for people they know who will speak well about them.  Need to give the Interim City Manager 6 months.  Hawthorne has enough qualified people inside the City of Hawthorne to do this job.

The City Commission Workshop was adjourned at 1:00PM.

These minutes are submitted for approval.

LaKesha H. McGruder, CMC                                Eleanor Randall, Mayor
City Clerk